Electronic tagging of pedophiles: Should convicted pedophiles be electronically tagged?

  • Keep Track of Pedophiles For Everyone's Good

    Should convicted pedophiles be electronically tagged? The question comes to mind in the wake of some many instances of convicted pedophiles who have been released to the community after serving time, later being caught having preyed on children again. It is known that some released pedophiles do succeed in changing their behavior and refrain from offending again. But many fail and children's lives are ended or seriously marred as a result. It seems possible that some released pedophiles simply cannot control their urges even though they try and that others of them may not try so hard. In light of this and for the protection of the public I would suggest electronic monitoring of released pedophiles by the states or the federal government for the rest of their lives. A form of monitoring that would allow them to move around freely within the state in which they live would be best. It would protect the pedophiles by reducing their likelihood of attacking again and their likelihood of getting away with it if they did attack a child. And it would protect children. Alternatively they could be required to live in guarded pedophile compounds.

  • Leave them in prison

    Child molestation should mean life without parole. Then electronic tagging would be pointless unless it's to keep track of inmates within the prison. But prisons are locked so that's usually not used in prisons.

    The sentences for child molestation are sometimes ridiculously short. They should never get out of prison.

  • Would it even work?

    Pedophiles are extremely manipulative criminals who prey on children. I can't envision a way that electronically tagging them would work. They are already prohibited from going near schools and playgrounds. Electronically tagging them would hopefully stop them from going there, but it wouldn't help with them going to other places like grocery stores or malls where they could find kids. This is one of those things that has a good intention, but probably wouldn't work.

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