Electronic voting: Is electronic voting a good idea?

  • It's economic, It's efficient, and It's encouraging.

    1. Paper voting cost a lot of money, on the other hand electornic voting is cheap.
    2. There are a lot of pieces of paper that became invalidated. However, electronic vote is correct and fast.
    3. Because of its efficient, the voting ratio will be increased. Like people in different countries or locations, they can join and can actually process their right to vote.
    4.Maybe some are worrid about hacking or abusing this system, but if we develope an appropriate preventing regulation, the problems can be solved.
    5. It has more good parts than bad parts.

  • Endorse Internet voting

    If you are specifically talking about electronic voting in terms of Internet voting then by all means. I actually question electronic voting hardware more than Internet voting because hardware has a tendency to become obsolete extremely quickly nowadays whereas software can be updated and tested in real time. Either way, there are plenty of checks and balances for security, privacy, transparency and whatnot. Like all systems, the administration and enforcement of democracy rests with the people and not with the technology.

  • Faster Way To Vote

    Electronic voting is a better and good idea when it comes to election. Not only is it more cost affordable, but it is faster and more efficient and saves a lot of time. It has been proven constantly that voting electronically is better than manually. The only suggestion I have is to have someone check that it is not abused or misussed.

  • No, there is too much fraud.

    No, electronic voting is not a good idea, because it allows too much room for fraud. With electronic voting, there is not a reliable method to recount votes. Additionally, there is too much room for a person to manipulate the voting machines or the vote totals in order to affect the outcome. Paper voting is still available and there is no reason not to continue to use it.

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