Elizabeth Pena dead at 55: Does the pressure of Hollywood life cause premature death in young actresses?

  • Too Much Hollywood Pressure

    I think that too much pressure in Hollywood could have played a role in Elizabeth Pena's death. There is too much pressure to look a certain way, to act a certain way, and to maintain a certain lifestyle. Their lives are under a microscope at all times. That can cause a lot of unnecessary stress in their lives and cause premature death.

  • The Hollywood Lifestyle Places Undo Stress On Young Celeberties To Keep Up

    More so than their male counterparts, young actresses face a daily struggle to keep up both their physical appearance but the expected lifestyle of the Hollywood starlet. In a business that values that places a exceedingly high value on the appearance of youth, the stress of living up to the standard can cause any number of short-term and long-term health problems. As well as drive young actresses to make poor health care choices or make dangerous lifestyle choices in order to "keep up appearances".

  • It's not a lifestyle that actually promotes health

    If I'd think about the things that actors have to live with such as

    - people invading their privacy to a point were being highly paranoid seems actually in place
    - keeping up a fitness and keeping down a weight that has nothing to do with actual health
    - being constantly handled as a bad role model on actually everything they do
    - receiving unrealistic love and unrealistic hate from people they have nothing to do with but are professionally dependent from
    - being handled like scum and god at the same time

    I think it's not surprising that a lot of actors have psychological problems, health problems or are just socially broken. And all that doesn't really contribute to make you get old.

    Posted by: Eav
  • Yes the pressure causes premature death.

    Hollywood is the number one spot where actors,directors,producers and all kinds of people involved in the film industry go to for one and only reason;film making.Young actors strive to get into hollywood and once they do they try their utmost best to remain there and this leads to pressure and literally death for the young actors like Elizabeth pena.

  • No, Death is a part of life

    There have been many actors and actresses who have died recently, and there is no arguing that there is a lot of added pressures of being a Hollywood star, but I don't feel you can blame those pressures for all deaths. In the case of Elizabeth Pena, she died of natural causes, and there has been no indication that being in the public eye or the pressures of Hollywood contributed to her early death. There have also been many early deaths of stars from drug abuse or overdose, and while drugs are easily accessible to stars due to their financial means to obtain them, can we blame Hollywood for the fact that the person succumbed to the pressures? There are many pressures in life, and those who are unable to cope in Hollywood, may very likely be unable to cope outside of the limelight.

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