Elle Johnson the Utah Supermodel admits she takes Nudes of herself, Should she post her Nude pics for all her Fans!

  • She should post her nudes

    I thin posting nudes for her fans should be her desicion completely as if she is comfortable then she should, As the fans would love it and her fan following is going to increase at a higher level and all the work she has been doing can't make her fan following so huge after posting her nudes. If she wants to increase the fan following without seeing anything else, Whether it's her nudes she should go on.

  • Yes, We Love Elle Johnson

    On January 17, 2017 Elle Johnson typed on
    "So, As you know, #Instagram disabled my page due to unspecified violations of community standards. Because I don't post nudes (yes, I take them - I just don't post them - ANYWHERE), I followed the app instructions to get my page page back. But when I fill out the online form, #Instagram doesn't recognize my country - the #USA. So I thought I'd post these to help them out! "

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