Emergency contraception: Should emergency contraception be banned within the rubric of UK law?

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  • Emergency contraception should be embraced as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancies

    To be realistic about contraception is to be a smart, proactive government. No government has the right to ban a medical treatment that would benefit the person being treated. Contraception is sometimes not available to every woman who should be using it and certainly not for those who are being forced into intercourse either by rape, intimidation or other circumstances. No one would think of banning emergency heart surgery because the patient was otherwise handicapped. It seems that governments have no problem with denying emergency contraception to an entire segment of their populations because they are female and only because they are female, since males don't need emergency contraception and are not burdened with the physical and psychological problems associated with unwanted pregnancies.

  • Anti-Contraception Regulation and Legislation is Unhealthy

    Contraception is a necessary requirement for any peoples as it has been scientifically proven to reduce the number of sexually transmitted diseases, mortality rate, and curbs birthrate- a problem in overdeveloped western countries such as those in the U.K. There is no scientific grounding for any anti-contraception arguments, all of it stemming from either religious or antiquated moral ideals, which have no place in an enlightened modern society. Anti-contraception is indefensible, and emergency contraception should not be banned within the rubric of UK law.

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