Emergency contraception: Should the morning-after pill be banned?

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  • Morning after is reason able alternative.

    I think there Emergence contraception should available to us just in case. I mean there are times when everyone makes mistake. Even thou morning-after pills have it ups and downs, but if they are available under supervision, we can eliminate that problem. I mean its definitely better then having abortion after u have two month baby in your stomach.

  • Women should be able to buy morning-after pill

    I believe all women should have the right and choice to purchase/use the monring-after pill for an emergency situation. The way I view it is this is a lot more acceptable form of birth control versus a woman getting pregnant and choosing to get an abortion 2 months into the pregnancy. If a woman is for sure that they don't want a child, then its best to stop it as early as possible and this is the best method for emergency situations.

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