Emissions exemptions for China and India: Are emissions exemptions for China and India a good idea under a global warming treaty?

  • Global warming is a scam.

    Sure, why not? In fact, don't just give China and India exemptions. Give everyone an exemption. Cars are cleaner than they have ever been and are only going to get cleaner when electric cars start hitting the road in large numbers. Anyone who studies some of the greatest catastrophes in our planet's history knows that the warming and cooling of our planet is natural, not man-made.

  • No, if we have to abide by "Green Laws", then so should they!

    I believe that most of the global warming crap is a scam. Why? Because you don't see these hippies demanding that China and India cut their emissions, do you?
    No, AMERICA is the big evil polluter and should fix global warming, even though it already invests FAR more resources towards doing so than any other nation on Earth.
    Because they know that America will shell out, and China won't.

  • No,emissions for China and India would not be a good thing.

    As probably the two biggest polluters as it pertains to emissions.China and India must follow all the other countries in the emissions process.Without the most populous countries setting examples smaller countries may think that it is alright to pollute and not follow the rules if they have the slightest issue.

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