Emma Thompson -- good actress (yes) or overrated (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Emma is good!

    I would assume you are a younger person. I can understand that actors are a personal taste, and I have no problem with a person that does't agree with me... However, I enjoy Emma Thompson. I love typical guy movies, war films, thrillers & action flick's... But I admit I own "Sense and Sensibility". Just a wonderful film and so well written, Ang Lee is an amazing director and the acting across the board is great. Now I could read off a number of films that Emma is great in.. But I think one needs to look no further than "Wit". Emma's performance in "Wit" is quite possibly one of the most powerful performances I have yet seen. It haunts me to this day... I find it hard to watch that film as her portrayal of the suffering of her character Vivian, all while being completely alone is so raw, real and disturbing... Yet her comedic and witty insight on death and cancer is truly endearing.

    Posted by: eNo
  • She is lame

    I can not believe someone would even waste their time asking this about such a dumb actress over all the other great actors , they chose her. Anyway her filmography is a joke and I would not even consider wasting 8 bucks to see her on the silver screen so there.

  • Gosh, she's overrated

    Something about her strikes me as some annoying McDonald's-enabling liberal hippie. If I want a badass actress with class that can cover ancient English and Danish empires and narrarate them and make me fall in love with her while watching them, Roselyn Sanchez is the it girl for that. Emma Thompson is annoying.

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