• Netflix Produces High Quality Original Programming

    Netflix has proven to be a real powerhouse and competitive with any fee based network when it comes to the production of original programming. Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have been not only hugely popular but also critically acclaimed series. Any entity producing original programming has a right to be considered for award nominations.

  • Yes, Online shows are the future

    More and more people today, especially the younger generation, spend more time on computers than in front of televisions. A lot of popular content is available only, or watched majority of the time, on Netflix. To have an awards show that does not take into account the big impact that online streaming has on both the movie and television industry, whether it be positive or negative, is just not proper.

  • Yes, they provide original television.

    Just because the Netflix original series concept is new does not mean it is unworthy. Netflix has proven ability to create quality original programming with shows like "House of Cards." Netflix shows have at least as much right to pursue TV awards as original programming on traditional channels like HBO and Showtime.

  • Great work is great work

    It's becoming obvious that some of the best work being produced now is being done through Netflix, and soon this will be even more common. The idea of excluding great work because of the medium in which it's distributed is nearsighted and can't be sustained into the future. Netflix and other services like it aren't going anywhere.

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