Encyclopaedias "worthless" with Internet Access: Will Technology ever fully replace books?

  • Someday it will

    With information being so widely available on the internet, and with so many people having easy access to the internet, it seems that books are used much less frequently in the current times. At some point in the future, I really do believe that print books will become obsolete in areas where internet access is widespread.

  • They are growing less common.

    Today, libraries have large media centers. Books are now available on devices. There will come a point when school children read books on their own devices. There are new technologies that come along all the time, and every one is a step away from the cost and time of having to print a book.

  • The Internet will never completely replace books.

    I certainly hope the Internet never completely replaces books. There are many reasons to retain hard copies of materials. The Internet could go down in a heartbeat. People would lose all access to their reading materials. If they have hard copies of such materials, they will always have access to them, unless there is a fire, of course. There are those who will always prefer the feel of a real book in their hands.

  • Technology will never fully replace books

    Technology will never replace books in spite of the fact that many printed publications are becoming worthless due to the advent of the Internet. When it comes down to it there really is nothing like picking up an actual book and thumbing through the pages and immersing oneself and the story to be told.

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