Endicott firefighter accused of arson: Should the Endicott Fireman accused of arson be fired?

  • The Endicott fireman should be fired for arson

    If the Endicott fireman is guilty of arson then he should be fired. I'm not familiar with any law that would protect anyone from being fired if they are convicted of arson. This shouldn't even be a question in my mind. If he is ultimately found innocent, then he should not be fired.

  • They have a higher standard.

    There is no reason that any fire fighter should be accused of arson. They should keep their professional noses so clean that no one can accuse them of such a thing. Arson is a serious problem. Firefighters spend a great deal of their time putting out fires caused by arson. This firefighter should be fired, immediately.

  • That's a no brainer!

    Committing arson is a crime. Arson can be very dangerous, not to mention costly. The man did this for the sake of having work to do. Of course he should lose his job. He should be fired and held accountable by the courts of law, and punished as they see fit.

  • No, the Endicott firefighter accused of arson should not be fired.

    No, the Endicott firefighter accused of arson should not be fired. Americans live in a nation of laws and ideals. One of these ideals involves the idea of considering somebody innocent of the crime they are accused of until they are found to be guilty. This firefighter should be suspended with pay for the time being instead of being fired.

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