Ending US sanctions on Cuba: Do sanctions against Cuba follow an international double standard?

  • Why do we still have an embargo?

    Does anyone even remember why we still have sanctions and an embargo against Cuba? The Cold War is over, Fidel Castro is dead, and most Americans associate Cuba more with baseball than communism.

    Cuba simply does not present any form of danger to the United States. They do not engage in terrorism, fund terrorists, or present any roadblock to U.S. assets. The Raul Castro regime is not a shining beacon of human rights and freedom, but they are no worse than many countries that are currently allies of the United States. The embargo has outlived its intended purposes and should be retired.

  • Sanctions against Cuba do not follow an international double standard.

    It is normal policy to have sanctions against rogue states. There are sanctions against North Korea, Iran, and Syria as well, because of their provocative actions. There is no double standard, and America's sanctions are an important step in limiting the power and influence of Cuba in the international community.

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