Ending US sanctions on Cuba: Do US sanctions against Cuba undermine cultural exchanges?

  • Its been too long

    The American-Cuban relationship has been disconnected and out of touch since the time of the Cuban missile crisis back in the 1960s when jfk was still in office. Opening relations with Cuba will be a step in the right direction after over 50 years of not talking to each other. I personally think that if America and cuba open up to each other we could simulate the Cuban economy and business development! We could even help the cuba government from stepping down as a communist dictatorship to a republic.

  • End the sanctions

    Continuing the sanctions the US has on Cuba is at best ineffectual, and, at worst spiteful. Cuba was a scary symbol in the 1950s and 1960s: a Communist country with close ties to the USSR and under a hundred miles from the mainland US. Today, Cuba poses no real threat in any way, and sanctions get in the way of peace talks in the country.

  • Many Americans immigrated from Cuba

    While the US may be anti-communist, Cuba itself should not be disallowed from trade with the US. Americans should be able to go where they would like, especially Cuba. This is a despicable means of impoverishing Cuba for its government by disallowing trade and tourism. I am sad to know that my nation would do this, however this is the purpose of the sanctions, to hurt the Cuban government and people, in an attempt to force them to adopt our system of government. It is a shame that Cuban immigrants have come to America, never able to return. It is a shame that my government is so afraid of government run by the people.

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