Ending US sanctions on Cuba: Does sanctioning Cuba damage the image of the United States?

  • Yes, Sanctioning Cuba makes the US appear cavalier and damages its reputation.

    Sanctioning Cuba is no longer an effective way for the US to address its political system. While sanctions have most certainly hurt the country economically, they have done little to create change. Many people in the US and abroad have deemed the US to be cavalier - that is, the US does what the US wants and doesn't necessarily care what people in other nations think. This belief, whether true or otherwise, harms the US because it makes other countries hesitant to collaborate with them.

  • China was once communist too

    When we set the embargo upon Cuba, the government said it was due to the fact that they were a communist nation and it was set so long ago that I do not think anyone would care anymore. As of right now, they are almost completely on their own, cut off from most of the world. China was a communist nation at one time too but we still conducted trade with them due to the fact that most of our things are made there. Cuba is a communist nation because of its leader. Why should we be punishing the people of Cuba because of one man? Is it because they do not have the resources that China has or even Russia has? I think it unfair to continue with the embargo, sanction and shunning of Cuba any longer. And, if it is repealed, it would look good on us because even great nations like ours need to learn forgiveness.

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