English as US official language: Are English-only education policies effective?

  • Yes, we should teach English in schools, and encourage students to learn in English.

    English is actually not the official language of the United States--we have no official language whatsoever. Yet it is universally accepted as being the language of the country. We need to encourage young people to learn English and be proficient in it if they want to be able to procure jobs. This is not to say that languages can't be nurtured at home, or additional languages taught at school. But, in general, schools should teach Englsh and teach IN English, so that children have the best chance of succeeding in this country. This mindset is effective, because it gives students their best chance in the future.

  • English-only education better serves immigrant students

    Although some believe that multilingual education is the best way to serve students with immigrant backgrounds, the reality is that such policies only delay and hinder such students from developing the English skills needed to succeed in the United States. English alone should be emphasized for such students. Although English-only may be difficult at first, in the long term they will benefit from having mastered the English language.

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