English as US official language: Does public opinion support official English?

  • Of course Yes!

    As a child of Hispanic immigrants, I had a hard time convincing my parents to speak English to my teachers because it was not an official language. Instead they forced me to translate. No child should be put in this position. South Florida conducts business in Spanish now. ¡Buenas Suerte!

  • Yes, most people would support english as the official language.

    Most people in the United States speak English. The government and the economy is run in English, and English is practically required for most jobs, especially those that are legal and above minimum wage. Many immigrants who have a different native tongue choose to learn English before or after they travel to the United States. English as the official language represents the majority of people and social relations in the United States.

  • English should be official language in US.

    If you are going to live in the United States you should be required to learn English. When we visit other countries we are expected to be able to communicate in their language. Why should it be any different in the states? People in the United States should speak English.

  • How will this be enforced?

    How can we required people to learn English? Is the government going to pay for this? Are we going to require that immigrants pass English tests? Who will make these tests? How do we define "learning English?"
    We have survived and thrived as a nation without having English declared the official language. There's no need to change that now.

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