English as US official language: Is official English in public interest (safety, etc.)?

  • Unilingual countries promote trade

    A unilingual country will promote trade. Many people may not know this, but most of the worlds trade is in English. This is one of many examples to show just how English is needed to unite us as a nation. We may be a young nation, but we can show the world how sofisticsted we are by having an official language.
    -AP human geography student of TVHS

  • Official Language Best for Country

    It is best to go with one official language for the entire country to use so that there is no confusion when communicating. Having an official language will help everyone to know how to communicate and signs can all be in the same language. If everyone speaks the same language, it would drastically help everyone be on the same page in the same language book.

  • Official English is in the public interest of all Americans.

    The United States is a diverse country with people from all over the world with many different mother tongues. It would be impossible for citizens to learn and accommodate every single one of these languages. English as a national language unifies Americans and makes sure they can communicate with each other.

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