• Yes it is

    English is skill. Ornaments are material. You could get your ornaments stolen by a passionless thief, But unless you get into a car crash or something like that, You wouldn't forget the entirety of the english language. English can be used in half of the world while those ornaments may only be used in less part of the world you'd want.

  • Because of multiple use

    Now a day we use english in every sector of our life. In our school, College. Basically the higher lavevs books are writen in english if we don't have enough knowlage in english it will be difficult for us to takr highter education. Even for job perpous we need englisg, We need to give our presentation in english, To do buisness with other country people we need english at 1st to comminucate.

  • What world do you live in?

    There are 5 other major important languages. I work in as a graduate and collaborate with other international graduates on projects. I had to brush up on my french skills to read and communicate. I actually wanted to learn to learn Chinese because they have some recent scientific papers. And then there are Russian researchers.

    Non of them had to learn English to succeed. I do not understand what goes inside American's heads. They believe that only intellectuals come from America or that every foreign school teaches English. They teach children multiple languages. Meaning they know more languages than Americans and therefore America is falling behind.

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