Enhanced interrogation techniques: Are enhanced interrogation techniques legal (yes) or are they torture (no)?

  • Yes and No

    I think that some techniques used for enhanced interrogation for gathering intelligence are legal and necessary. I also think that some methods are unjust and are borderline torture or outright torture, I think the unjust techniques need to be banned so that there can be just methods of gathering intelligence through interrogation.

  • Yes, they help protect us.

    Yes, enhanced interrogation techniques are legal, because they help protect Americans. The United States should not apply the Geneva convention to people waging warfare against us who are from nations or from warfare groups that do not also ascribe to the Geneva convention. If enhanced interrogation can keep Americans from being killed, it is beneficial.

  • Sometimes It's necessary

    Torture is cruel and horrible, and the thought of it disgust me. But I believe it is necessary at times to ensure the safety of our country. If for example a terrorist had cuticle information that we needed to keep our country safe, we should try everything we can to get it.

  • It is basically Torture!

    It is inhumane, we should all know that. We should still be able to get the same information by just talking, is torture really needed? This is the topic I am debating in school and I am completely against EITs. People have been starved, raped, dehydrated, waterboarded, walled, and so many more methods have been used, all of which are inhumane and immoral.

  • Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Torture

    There's nothing ethical or legal about enhanced interrogation techniques used against prisoners. In fact, these techniques are nothing short of torture and need to be banned. Any person that commits these acts is breaking the law and should be punished accordingly. Otherwise, the American government is pushing torture and allowing it.

  • Change the word, doesn't change the meaning

    Enhanced interrogation techniques are a nice, semi-legal way of saying torture without saying torture, but that's exactly what they are. What is the enhancement of interrogation? Mental torture, physical torture, any type of abuse that won't get anything out of the suspect other than resentful and fear. There are ways to get information, and harming another human being isn't one of them.

  • Enhanced Interrogation Is Torture

    The terminology, enhanced interrogation, was simply created to circumvent the terminology torture. If you were to watch a session of enhanced interrogation, the first thing that would pop to your mind is, this is torture. You can candy coat the terminology but it doesn't change what the actual acts are and what they are used for.

  • Torture is Torture

    You can call them anything you want from advanced interrogation techniques, means to an end, or even games but in the end the fact remains it is still torture. Torture is the act of inflicting severe physical or psychological pain on someone. Most of these advanced interrogation techniques do just that and should be labeled as torture.

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