Enhanced interrogation techniques: Are these tactics consistent with US and global norms?

  • Yes, they save lives.

    Yes, enhanced interrogation techniques are consistent with U.S. and global norms, because they are effective ways to get information and save lives. If a person is an enemy combatant of the United States, their immediate comfort is less important than the life of the person that they wish to kill. Enhanced interrogation saves lives.

  • Yes U.S. Interrogation Tactics are consistent with US and global norms

    The U.S. Interrogation tactics are consistent with US and global norms because almost all other countries are using the same kinds of interrogation tactics and some are using more inhumane methods of interrogation. I do not believe that some of the U.S. Interrogation techniques are right by any means but I do think they conform to the normal standard of interrogation throughout the globe.

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