Enhanced interrogation techniques: Are traditional interrogation methods insufficient?

  • Yes, enhanced work better.

    Yes, traditional methods of interrogation are insufficient, because more information is gained from enhanced interrogation techniques. Terrorists hold Americans and force them to make videos before cutting off their heads. No American has ever been saved because we don't use enhanced interrogation techniques. We might as well use them because we get more information.

  • In some circumstance traditional interrogation doesn't work

    Yes, in some cases I believe that traditional interrogation methods are insufficient. Some offenders are dead set on not revealing pertinent information that is needed to save live lives. Sometimes a more non-traditional method is needed. These other methods should be used only when absolutely necessary with the utmost consideration to the offender.

  • They're Not Torture

    I believe the term enhanced interrogation techniques was only created to cover up the use of torture. The terms torture and enhanced interrogation techniques are nearly synonymous. I believe interrogation methods are sufficient, some people just like to justify and use torture as well. As a country that generally takes a leadership position, we should not be using torture on anyone.

  • Traditional interrogation methods are sufficient.

    Traditional interrogation methods are sufficient for getting information from suspects. Furthermore, enhanced interrogation is illegal and reprehensible. Enhanced interrogation is a euphemism for torture. We should be able to interrogate suspects without resorting to methods of torture. Our humanity is what separates us from the terrorists. Torture is not an option.

  • Enhanced interrogation Techniques are Torture

    Our traditional interrogation methods aren't insufficient. However, we shouldn't turn to enhanced interrogation techniques in order to get information. Such techniques are nothing short of torture and shouldn't be used upon any other human being. By using these techniques, we are promoting torture, which is something nobody should ever experience.

  • No, traditinal interrogation methods are sufficient.

    Someone who truly wishes to keep a secret will take it with them to their grave regardless of interrogation method, even torture. With that in mind there is no need to torture someone if they won't provide sufficient information. It would also be unethical to employ any interview techniques that are not currently in use.

  • Traditional interrogation works just fine.

    The most effective way to gain information is with the "good cop, bad cop" method.

    "Verschärfte Verfragung", OTOH, is meant to produce false confessions to back a perverted political agenda. This was the preferred method of Uncle Joe, Mao Zedong, and Herr Korporal Schickelgruber to justify military adventures and brutal crackdowns on dissent. More recently, Bu$hCo used it on Abu al-Libi to justify the iraq war.

    Such adventures cost dearly in blood and treasure and inevitably serve to recruit more terrorists. As such, the use of torture does not make americans any safer, but quite the opposite.

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