Enhanced interrogation techniques: Can secretive, enhanced interrogations be justified?

  • Secretive, enhanced interrogations can be justified.

    In the 21st century, terrorists are using more and more advanced techniques to attack innocent citizens. The government needs to use all means necessary to thwart them. Enhanced interrogation should be used to get information from suspected terrorists in order to protect American lives. We should not have any sympathy for terrorists.

  • Yes if not torture

    I think torture should never be used in any type of interrogation. So if by secretive and enhanced you are referring to torture then they are not justified. If there are other means that are kept private then I would not have an issue with them. We do have to draw the line somewhere.

  • Yes, citizens are more important than criminals.

    Yes, secretive, enhanced interrogations can be justified, because the safety and well being of innocent, non-combatants is far more important than the momentary comfort of someone who is a criminal. It is ok to make someone hurt, if that will get information that will save innocent women and children. The big picture is more important.

  • The price for safety.

    I believe that as long as the methods get the job done any method of interrogation should be justified. The information that we get through interrogations can help to save lives and therefore the more brutal the interrogation the quicker one usually gets the information. The quicker the information the more time that we have to save lives.

  • No interrogation please

    I don't think that interrogation is effective because more often than not it leads to wrong information that leads us down paths that in the end lead no where. I think that we should stop enhanced interrogation (which goes against global law) and try different approaches of diplomacy and other networks.

  • Torture Is Not Okay

    Labeling torture as something different, like using the term enhanced interrogation, does not make torture justifiable. Making torture a secret, further exemplifies the problem, since torture shouldn't be used in the first place. I do not believe these acts are justifiable and anyone found to be using these techniques should be charged accordingly.

  • Enhanced Interrogation is Torture

    Enhanced interrogation techniques are torture no matter how you look at the situation. It doesn't matter if a person is interrogated in a secretive manner. Any technique that even seems like torture shouldn't be carried out upon another human being. We shouldn't accept these techniques as legitimate for interrogation today.

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