Enhanced interrogation techniques: Do enhanced interrogations comply with international law?

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  • Another way of saying torture

    Enhanced interrogation techniques are a buzzword filter for torture and everybody knows it. Torture is not allowed under international law, and enhanced interrogation techniques are a direct violation with law. That it is not only being allowed by the international community, but being so ardently defended by our world leaders, is an outrage.

  • No They Do Not

    The Geneva Conventions directly state that torture should not be used and any country that is in accords with the Geneva Conventions should follow those laws, as if they were their own. This is the purpose of those conventions. Enhanced interrogations is just a new terminology for torture and it doesn't make it any better, nor does it make it legal.

  • Not in most cases

    International law has a goal of satisfying all countries through the world. Every country has different views on interrogation techniques so to find a middle ground international has to be pretty pro personal rights. Since this is true most of the advanced interrogation techniques do not comply with international law.

  • Enhanced interrogations do not comply with international law.

    Enhanced interrogation techniques do not comply with international law. Most countries argue that enhanced interrogation should be classified as torture. Torture is forbidden under international law. Countries should agree to stop using these techniques because they are inhumane and they do not work. There are better ways to get suspects to talk.

  • Enhanced Interrogation Violates International Law

    Enhanced interrogation techniques are torture no matter how you look at the situation. It doesn't matter if a person is interrogated in a secretive manner. Any technique that even seems like torture shouldn't be carried out upon another human being. We shouldn't accept these techniques as legitimate for interrogation today.

  • 'Enhanced' a Synonym for Torture

    So-called "enhance interrogations" are just fancy ways to torture people. There is no excuse for torture no matter what the term is used to describe it. International law forbids torture and forbids long-term imprisonment without due process. Yet that is exactly what happened in the George W. Bush administration during the War on Terror.

  • No, enhanced interrogation is torture and thus is forbidden by international law.

    No, enhanced interrogation is essentially a fairly recent buzzword for torture. Torture has always been forbidden by international law and by all nations who respect international conventions. Various statutes such as the Geneva Convention expressly forbid the torturing of captured enemy combatants, regardless of their affiliations to terrorist or other non-governmental organizations.

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