Enhanced interrogation techniques: Do "enhanced interrogations" help/hurt broader fight against terror?

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  • No, It Does Not Help

    Enhanced interrogation techniques have been shown in studies to produce false results. Given the intense, yet non-lethal, techniques used at Guantanamo, many inmates gave information that turned out to be false or unhelpful, simply to stop the interrogation. This information makes it difficult to fight against terror, as the military depends on intelligence when making decisions. If the information proves false due to duress under interrogation, it wastes the time of those who are fighting terror across the globe.

  • Enhanced Interrogations Not Helpful In Fight Against Terror

    I am against enhanced interrogations in the fight against terror. I do not think they are any more beneficial in the end. I think that some of the measures taken when George Bush and George Chaney were in charge of the administration were extreme. I am against measures such as waterboarding. I think they are cruel and unjust. I do not believe that any more accurate and beneficial information was received by these measures. I think the US government should not be involved in these acts.

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