Enhanced interrogation techniques: Is waterboarding a legitimate form of interrogation?

  • Crowder was Waterboarded

    Steven Crowder, host of the louder with crowder podcast and Internet show was water boarded as a 1,000 subscriber special. It was done by Tim Kennedy, an EX- Special Forces operative and train d in the use of water boarding. Watch Steven's reaction and explanation of what he felt during the experience:

    Also, by definition torture is considered "the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain." Notice how it doesn't say death or permanent injury. When done right, water boarding has no after effects and is a safe and effective means of interrogation.

  • Waterboarding is torture

    I do not think that waterboarding is a legitimate form of interrogation. It is torture. I do not agree with torturing fellow human beings and I think that interrogation techniques that involve torture should be banned and punishable. Waterboarding is one of those techniques that should not be allowed at all.

  • No, it's not.

    No, waterboarding should not be used as an interrogation method for any reason. Waterboarding is extremely cruel and painful and will often force a false confession out of anyone just to make the torture stop. In the United States, we should be better than to stoop to techniques that wouldn't have been out of place in a torture room in the Middle Ages.

  • Waterboarding Cowardly To Say the Least

    Anyone that uses waterboarding against another person is cowardly at best. This isn't a legitimate form of interrogation because it's nothing short of torture. Simulating the act of drowning on someone is a form of torture and can have lasting traumatic effects. Nobody should have to deal with this issue.

  • Waterboarding is not a legitimate form of interrogation.

    The international community does not consider water-boarding a legitimate form of interrogation. It is clearly a form of torture and it should be avoided by all legitimate military organizations and intelligence agencies. What separates free countries from terrorists is our total refusal to resort to the barbarism of torture in any form.

  • Waterboarding is Torture

    The term "enhanced interrogation techniques" is simply a synonym for "torture." Waterboarding solves nothing and is just a way to torture victims for their alleged crimes. Torture is wrong and it violates the civil rights of the prisoner. It doesn't matter that detainees in Gitmo are still labeled "enemy combatants" because that term is just a synonym for "we don't want to give you the rights you deserve as a prisoner of war." Waterboarding simply shows that George W. Bush is an evil, evil man who weaseled his way to the presidency.

  • Waterboarding is not a legitimate form of interrogation.

    Because of human rights considerations waterboarding should not be considered a legitimate form of interrogation.Most countries consider waterboarding a form of torture and it just be avoided at all costs by the United States.Other techniques have been shown to be more effective because tend to elicit more accurate results overall.

  • Waterboarding is torture not interrogation.

    Water boarding is not a legitimate form of interrogation it is actually a torture method. I believe being in jail away from the ones you love is enough. I do not believe that drowning a person to talk is a great method. It is not even a good method. If you feel the need to make someone talk maybe the police should go back to the good cop, bad cop skit.

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