Enhanced interrogation techniques: Were the "enhanced interrogation techniques" of the Bush administration justified?

  • In some cases physical motivation must be applied

    Yes, I believe that enhanced interrogation is sometimes needed depending on the situation. The war on terrorism was in full force and some instances were life or death. I'm sure that the techniques used were for information that was for the greater good, however the use of these should be limited.

  • The interrogation techniques were justified.

    First off, there were less than 5 prisoners who those techniques were used on. Most of them high ranking al queda members. You also have to remember that it was those very techniques that led to the finding and eventual killing of Osama Bin Laden, Id say the ends justified the means.

  • Lets not sugarcoat it

    It is torture, anyone who has some intelligence would tell you the methods that they used such as water-boarding, rectal feeding etc are all torture methods. I can't tell you for sure if it was justified as The US were trying to find more information with terrorism but at the same time torture almost never provides accurate information as anyone would say anything just to make it stop. I personally believe that it was not justified just cause the fact that they had like 25 prisoners who had no terrorist connection but yet they were also imprisoned and tortured.

  • The "enhanced interrogation techniques" of the Bush administration were not justified.

    The enhanced interrogation techniques of the Bush administration were not justified because they were actually torture. What makes us different from the terrorists is that we do not resort to barbaric techniques. Bush should not have used torture, even if the suspects were dispicable criminals. We should not sink to the level of the terrorists.

  • No, they are not.

    No, the enhanced interrogation techniques that we found out about during the Bush era were cruel and inhumane. Torture is not something that often works out the way that we might want it to. Often a person being subjected to water boarding or other methods will tell their torturers anything that they want to hear in order to make it stop, even if it is not the truth.

  • The enhanced interrogation techniques of the Bush administration were not justified

    The enhanced interrogation techniques of the Bush administration were not justified. This is because of the fact that these "enhanced interrogation techniques" utilized by the bush administration when analyzed are very similar to that of torture. Torture is never justified as there are various non-torturous methods of acquiring information from captives.

  • They Were Kept Secret For A Reason

    I do not believe the enhanced interrogation techniques used during the Bush administration were justified. I understand that we have enemies and that we were trying to fulfill objectives in wars, but we should never consider torture justifiable. I believe this was primarily hidden from the American public, because it would not have been approved by the American public.

  • Torture is Never Justified

    Whether you call it an "enhanced interrogation technique" or torture, abuse of a prisoner in order to gain information is never justified. It is immoral and against international treaties and law, and no country has the right to use these kinds of techniques. In addition to the ethical issues, psychological studies have found that torture is ineffective at gaining true information as the prisoner is more likely to try to determine what the torturer wants to hear and tell them that rather than the truth. Interrogation by keeping the prisoner comfortable and forming a positive relationship and common understanding is found to be much more effective.

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