Entire internet history of UK citizens to be viewable by government bodies: Is this a violation of citizens' rights?

  • Heck yes, and I hope the U.S. doesn't have those practices.

    As a U.S. citizen, I think the government has too much involvement in our lives. I’d be quite upset to find that the government has my Internet history. Not that I’m doing anything wrong, but that it’s such a breach of my personal privacy. I think that is a stone cold breach of a person’s privacy and a massive violation of citizen's rights.

  • It is a search.

    The government shouldn't just be looking at someone's Internet browsing history and more than they should be looking at a record of where their phone has traveled, or the phone calls they have made. A person should have to be accused of a crime before the government can be so intrusive. UK citizens no longer live in a free country.

  • Government viewing of internet history is a UK citizen rights violation

    It is a violation of the rights of UK citizens, or anyone for that matter, to allow the government to view their internet history without good reason. In the case of criminal acts it may be necessary to have access to this history, but to do this to ordinary citizens is a gross violation of their privacy.

  • Yes, internet histories being viewable by government bodies violates citizen rights

    Yes, internet histories being viewable by government bodies violates citizen rights. Internet history should be considered part of an individual's privacy and should be protected except in cases of crime or extreme emergency. The fact that so many people conduct their lives on the internet, where it is easy to access information makes it tempting for governments to want to monitor, but privacy rights must be protected.

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