Environmental degradation is the price to pay for economic development.

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  • It's a matter of balance

    Much of the economy comes from the products of Nature. We have to take things from the environment to make things for economic growth and development. The price for this is degradation of the environment. Consumption is a personal choice for each person. The real question is how we balance what we want to gain economically, against what we don't want to lose environmentally.

  • Important Eco balance not development

    Ecological balance is equal to environmental balance. So it is necessary that our earth should have its balance. If we are going to make concrete development in the so called countries, even though these countries are clean the front and end are in danger(for example : more heat experience in cities, basement of cities is so weak that calamities can occur, more concrete buildings =more global warming

  • Economic development =/= urban development

    There are famous examples of environmentally well-off countries like the Scandinavian countries that are also economically developed. The economic success of a country is not determined by the number of trees cut down. Besides, an urban environment is still an environment, and if that urban environment is degrading, economic development in that country must necessarily be sub-par..

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