EPA says Chrysler software masks emissions: Should there be an independent agency to monitor diesel emissions?

  • Yes I believe we need more regulations to protect the environment

    Diesel emissions are among the worst polluters on the planet. I guess we should not be surprised that the only way to call these vehicles environmentally friendly would be to cheat. I think this is an industry-wide thing and that a lot more car makers will get some bad press.

  • Yes there should be an independent agency to monitor diesal emissions.

    Using an independent agency to monitor diesel emissions is the most effective way to curb corruption. This will reduce the chances of the manipulation of the number of emissions made by the cars. Third party organisations have little to gain by masking emissions as opposed to the company themselves.It is clear the current method has not worked.

  • Independent agency should monitor auto gas emissions

    The US government should create an independent agency to monitor the gas emissions of cars and implement punitive action when car companies fail to meet national standards. This is because car companies have been known to lie or use devices to falsify emissions levels in order to meet the environmental standards.

  • No, there shouldn't be a special agency for diesel emissions.

    No, the EPA is perfectly qualified as an organization to handle diesel emissions. The real problem is that the EPA has lost some of their focus through the years, gearing up like a paramilitary organization, instead of focusing on science and prioritizing the daily work of measuring and monitoring pollutants, and enforcing the existing environmental protection laws. All they have to do is a course correction back to monitoring emissions more closely and this sort of crisis would have been caught sooner.

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