EPA transition leader Myron Ebell: Should pesticide use really be regulated?

  • Yes, pesticide use should be regulated

    Pesticides are used in alarming quantities across America. There is a "safe limit" regulation on the amount of a single pesticide which can be used on crops. However, there is no limit or regulation to how many different pesticides can be used on one plant. The chemicals used in this quantity have been scientifically proven to be unhealthy.

  • Yes it should be.

    I strongly agree with EPA transition leader Myron Ebell that the use of Pesticides should actually be regulated. This is because Pesticides are poisonous to some exted and can have a negative impact to our health. If inhaled or rather mistakenly put in ones mouth may lead to negative impacts.

  • Pesticides Are Killers

    Pesticides are designed to kill living creatures. Therefore, they should be regulated to ensure that no harm comes from their use. The regulations should be devoid of political influence, though. Politics and regulatory agencies are not good bedfellows, unfortunately. Politicians don't care so much about individual pesticides. Rather, they crave power.

  • Companies make good decisions.

    No, pesticide use should not really be regulated, because companies will make good decisions that allow them to grow the most crop. As long as a company isn't harming neighboring property owners or the local environment, they should be able to do what they want to do to make their crops grow. It is also helpful to use pesticides to stop diseases.

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