Epipen profits soar: Is it wrong to make a profit on drugs people need?

  • Yes - it is immoral to make money out of people's suffering.

    Whilst it is essential that companies make enough money to cover the cost of developing and testing a drug, and has sufficient profits to keep shareholders happy and invest in new research, there comes a point where they are making money out of sheer greed. Costs of drugs should start to fall, especially once people become dependent upon them for their survival.

  • Yes, it is wrong to make an extradinary profit on necessary drugs

    The example of EpiPen, as a drug that saves lives for allergy sufferers, shows that the drug company Mylan was taking outrageous profits from this product. There were price increases in the past 5 years from $94 in 2007 to over $600 currently. It is not wrong to make a profit but it needs to be at a reasonable price and considerate of the patient population. Also the shelf life of the product was reduced so the drug had a quicker expiration and more turnover in supply needed.

  • No, it is not worong to profit off of people's needs.

    It is silly to think that it is wrong to profit off f serving people's needs. Without the ability to profit, there would be no incentive for companies to meet those needs at all. Money is the most effective incentive for encouraging people to develop new ways to address problems faced by society.

  • It is not wrong to profit, but ...

    It is not wrong to profit, but it is wrong to exploit the sick as well. When it comes to making drugs unaffordable just because the drug maker gets greedy, then it is a problem. There is a different between a $3 profit per dose and a $300 profit per dose. All of the middlemen and most importantly, the patient and taxpayer suffer the most from this greed.

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