Equal opportunity: Is the principle of equal opportunity sound?

  • Yes, the principal of equal opportunity is sound.

    The principle of equal opportunity is fair. It would allow for the most talented person to be able to achieve the job. The problem with equal opportunity is in a more in the application. Establishing quotas or providing incentives to a set of people and not another set is not equal. So in order to establish equal opportunity we are in fact using inequality to do so.

  • No, Equal Opportunity Is Bad For Business - And Workers

    Government does not innovate; it lags behind the will of the people, clumsily trying to lead but instead disabling its own intent - and the will of the people. Desegregation is a great example. Segregation was the law in the south. So instead of making it illegal to mandate segregation, the federal government made even private segregation illegal, therefore violating the principle of free association. And has society has evolved, it has freely attempted to desegregate, while government run schools, for example, has forced segregation by controlling the movement of students,

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