Equal prize money for male and female athletes: Are unequal pay events the exception rather than the norm, and does this matter?

  • I think athletes should get equal pay.

    I think that men get paid more for almost every athletic event. It might be true that female sports have less attendance, but as a society, we tend to put less value and interest in women's sports. If female athletes were paid equally, which would be fair, then maybe we would start to see that come out in their performance and thus attract more attendants to the games.

  • Male and female athletes are paid according

    In most sports, e.g. soccer, basketball, baseball/softball, etc., men are paid more than women. This is primarily due to the fact that male sports bring in money with more fans. If female leagues attracted more fans then they would be paid more. For example in a sport like tennis, where men and women athletes are followed equally, the athletes do tend to be paid the same amount.

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