Equal prize money for male and female athletes: Should Wimbledon and other sports competitions offer equal prize money for men and women?

  • Prize money should be equal for both sexes.

    I believe that prize money in professional sports like should
    be equal to both sexes. Prizes should
    only be different if one gender brings in more revenue via advertising, but the
    minimum rate of the prizes should be the same.
    It’s time that we stop all gender-based discrimination in sports.

  • No they shouldn't.

    They should only be paid the same if the respective sport brings in the same revenue. I don't see anyone complaining that WNBA players make less than NBA players. If we are gonna give them the same prize money let both sexes compete against each others. If they want the money they will take it. Problem solved. #VinZen

  • All athletes should be paid according to skill.

    I do not think it is practical to consider paying women and men the same amount of money. There are too many contributing factors to how much a particular athlete is paid. The popularity of the sport, the popularity of the athlete, the skill of the athlete, and so on. Athletes must be paid according to business logic in the respective sport.

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