• Obviously it is of most importance...

    My argument is that gender characterization and generalization is wrong and should not be used as a filter for employment.

    It is a fact indeed that males are biologically stronger than females; there is indeed nothing we can do to change that. I do not want to change that. But I would like to change the fact that females can perform well in nearly all occupations. Obviously, everyone is a human being and their abilities should be judged as individuals and not their gender.

    So yes equal rights are paramount!

  • Important for world development

    Women account for 51% of humanity. With equal rights, they can fully unlock their potential which would enable them to contribute towards world development.

    This is more important in the developing world where women still lag behind in most social indicators.

    Consequently, i am for the motion that equal rights are paramount for women

  • Equal rights for both sexes is paramount.

    I believe men and women should have equal rights. What i do not believe is that men have rights that women do not. All too often, people will say "Well the law says women can't do _____!" to which i reply "And men have to do _______ to compensate." I believe in equal rights AND obligations. Some rights that women have negate their obligation in arenas where men still have an obligation, which is not equal. Equal rights (and obligations) for both sexes is paramount, not solely the rights of women. If the clause "for women" were not present, i would have agreed, but it is not, so i do not.

  • With equal rights comes equal responsibility.

    Some feminist's I have met don't really want equal rights they want men oppressed and under their boot. They mistakenly attribute all men as one group of oppressive pigs. While i believe equal rights are very important for everyone I do not feel that women's rights take precedence over say the homeless guy down the street. Everyone deserves a fair shake women aren't better than the rest of the world.

  • Having rights and oppressing others rights are two seperate things.

    All people should enjoy equal rights as a simple starting point. Because there are so few examples of truly equal human rights we really don't know what positive or negative trends would happen were it so. Your argument seems to hint at wanting to further suppress those who are simply expressing thousands of years of worldwide oppression. This is a necessary first step many people need to process in order to get past the pain of historical, systematic subordination. So let's achieve equal rights for all people and then we can discuss who is oppressing who.

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