• This is about LEGAL RIGHTS, Not about being treated equally in every circumstance

    Biologically - females and males are different. This means that males can build muscle a lot better, While females can bare children and males cannot. It also means that certain medicines work better for females than males, Or better for males than females. When it comes to these things - naturally, We can't just ignore them.

    However, LEGALLY - they should have equal rights. Equal pay, Equal treatment, And the like. This STILL means sometimes women will be picked for certain kinds of jobs more than men, And men will be picked for certain kinds of jobs more than women - but if this is so, It should just be because at the time, Those applicants just so happened to be better suited. And yes, The "better suited" applicants leaning towards one gender more than the other is a possibility DUE to biological differences. When a man gets a heavy-lifting job that a woman doesn't get - it shouldn't be because he's a man, It should be because he as a human being has the ability to lift things more efficiently than the other human being (the female) who is applying for the job. In most cases, For heavy lifting, This amount of physical strength would fall on the male simply because there are more males than females who have this body type due to biology. However - if a super-scrawny nerdy man who can barely win arm wrestling matches against anyone, Is applying for a position against a female who does wrestling and all her own heavy lifting at home - naturally the female would be more suited for the job and she should get the position. Again, This is just based on who is more suited for the job - not based on the gender itself. The gender itself makes certain possibilities more or less statistically likely, But there are always exceptions and no one should be judged merely for being more "likely" to be able to, Or to not be able to, Do something more than another person.

  • Obviously you idiots

    Ughh of course it is so obvious i can't think of any thing else to write so I am going to right this only 26 more words to go oops now only 18 this is really close guys what do you think do you think this was a good argument

  • Biology has nothing to do with it

    Yes, Men and women are not biologically the same. However, As human beings, Men and women are equally valuable. While not every person will be as strong or smart as another, That does not make them inherently less human.

    Similarly, The biological differences between men and women do not make either side less deserving of rights. A man, Under the eyes of the law, Should be of no more or less value than a woman.

  • Rights should be equal.

    By law, They already are but not so much in actual practice. We may have a handful of men who gain because they are male but it's far from what many people are lead to believe and in many cases, Just the opposite.
    There have been numerous claims on how women get paid 77-85 cents on the dollar compared to men. Tho you can maneuver numbers to show such statistics true, That does not mean that it is actually sexist.
    Example: Women tend to have more nimble fingers. If your a company that pays bonuses for exceeding workload expectations (like a place I worked) the women on the assembly line made more than men. Because it was solely based on the amount of work done, It was not based on sexism.
    The same is true for many areas that men tend to earn more in general. Statistically, Men are more likely to work full time. They are more likely to work overtime. Obviously, If a group tends to work more hours, They will earn more in pay. Men also tend to be physically stronger and better spacial awareness. These can produce more work in areas were these skills are crucial like construction or mechanic. Men also tend to be more aggressive so that not only helps in many business positions but in getting the promotion/raises.

    As I said, Sometimes just the opposite applies. Where I work now often requires pulling heavy loads (pallets) with a jack long distances. The men tend to pull the loads by themselves where the women (if they show up for the task) tend to team up (one pushing). Even tho the men tend to do twice the work, The women get paid the same per hr. Today with identity politics, Women are actually given favor over men. For instance, If someone comes out and says "We don't need more men in power. " that sexist statement is cheered yet if you don't vote for a woman because of political reasons only, Your still labeled as being sexist. Many of the male presidential candidates actually vowed to choose a woman as their V. P. In hopes it helps their election. Sorry but I don't want the best woman for the job, I want the best person for the job regardless of gender.

  • We are all human

    I think people in the law should be referred as "PERSON" instead of "MAN" or "WOMAN". By law should not be any privileges to any gender. (Yes: law should refer to "pregnant person" instead of "pregnant woman"). I think the fact that you have a penis or a vagina will give you more or less rights.
    I'm not denying that men and women in general have differences. But I think it should be a free decision what everyone makes with his life instead of being limited by legal or social tags. Also every person is different besides their gender.
    Some differences between men and women are general statistic attributes but not absolute. I mean some men are physically weaker than other men or (less often) even to some women. But we don't make distinction by physical strength. So is not true that all women are physically weaker than men, Maybe 10% of them are stronger.
    I think there is a tendency to give more privileges to women than men. ("If the Titanic is shrinking let's save women and children first. Maybe men are more likely to survive in frozen waters? ")
    I think who cooks, Makes the laundering at home, Or picks the kids from school is a personal business within the couple, That should be address by making a law that forces man to make laundering. (I know many single and married men who do the laundry, This is just a silly example).
    About income by gender topic, I think that should be mainly self regulated by market, Not by gender laws. If you are useful to your company they will pay you more. If you are a business owner people will buy from you not because you are a man or a woman, They will buy because they want your products/services. In real world most dangerous and unhealthy jobs are done by men, Of course those jobs very little people are willing to do are better paid, But I doubt many women are going to become operators in some dirty heavy industry(I work in steel making plant and there are very few woman in the field, And I'm not talking about jobs that requires physical strength only men can do). So If you prefer to be a secretary in a comfortable office, Don't complain why you get pay less than those who work in a bad environment.
    In general if you want to use trousers or skirt is your personal decision. Of course there are practical needs to be met, For example women can't use urinal toilets like men, But that has nothing to do with laws giving privileges or limiting any gender.

  • Of course. We are all human.

    When I say equal rights, I don't mean *We should be treated exactly the same* I mean, Treated equally in a way that implies that both sexes deserve respect and compassion. Men and Women both deserve the same opportunities, The same expectations in a workplace, And the same rights.

    Yes, Men and women are made differently. I understand that. Yea, A lot of jobs are better suited for one sex or the other, I am not saying women should be expected to be a logger and I'm not saying men should be expected to be ballet instructors. But why can't it be a possibility? Maybe a woman is really good at logging, Good enough to keep up with any of the men. What if that man is a great ballet instructor? A dancer with great talent and the patience required for teaching. I don't see why these things seem so impossible to many people.

  • This is a no-brainer

    Men are far more superior than women in anything they do, Well except in the kitchen work and raising babies which women do better. In my opinion, Women should be stripped off of all rights and let the superior sex make the decision of what rights they should be given. They are really unstable and can't make up their minds and bad at decision-making. They're also weak and can't do heavy works generally. So it's not even a question of having equal rights, It's about a question of whether women should get about 5% of rights that men have. Even that amount would be overkill imo.

  • Men and Women are not equal

    Equal rights under the law is being used to justify the false premise that all people are biologically and intellectually equal. Newsflash: They are not. Women have estrogen, Men have testosterone. This chemical difference is hugely significant and profound and results in completely different attitudes, Mental capacities, Behaviors, Etc etc.

  • Women were made to do what men can't do.

    Women already in my opinion have enough rights. Men can not have children and women can. We both have the right to vote. In my opinion it makes America look needy. We have came such a long way in having men and women equal, And in my point of view we are. Just like women, Men are made to do what women can't do

  • How can you expect equal rights when men & women are so different?

    Men are stronger, Women are more responsible and mature. Boys like to fight, Women want to gossip. These differences come naturally in all societies & cultures, And it works both physically & psychologically, And this means that either gender can be better at certain occupations than others. For example, It is better for a woman to have a job in nursing than a man because it is in the nature of the female gender to care for others, Just as it should be preferable that a man get a combat job in the armed forces than a woman, As men are better built to withstand the horrors of war, Being physically stronger and less emotional than women.

  • I do not think it will ever happen. . .

    I do not believe women will ever fill the roles through out society as to allow for an equal situation in all area's. Women will always demand to hold power over child care, Working part time or not working and expecting men to support. Women will never acknowledge the draft of young boys only. They will never stand up to protect men and family and will always hold the womens card tight to themselves, It has to much power.

  • No, Equality destabilizes the nation.

    Equality pushes salaries down to the very rock-bottom. Equality pushes women out of creating families. Equality prioritizes work over children. Equality produces a generation of socially stunted children. Equality gave less than ten percent of women CEO positions, But the vast majority were enslaved into waitress and grocery bagger jobs. Equality created an unhealthy reliance on state and federal programs that parents cannot supervise. Equality undermines homeschooling as a viable means of education, Despite being far superior than your average local public school. Equality depends upon daycare and nanny services that provide mediocre supervision. Equality demands more exceptions to the rule, As exceptions increasingly become the norm. Equality produces self-conscious men and dissatisfied women in terms of breadwinning. Equality produces disenfranchised men who suffer from all forms of policies, Feminist or otherwise, Whereas women do not immediately feel the impact of their decisions. Equality experiences slippery slopes: homosexuality was once questioned, Until activist threats became the norm; now, Transgender culture and ideas, Gender roles, Gender sex identities, Etc. Are pushed onto impressionable children. Equality will create a cold, Distant dystopian culture in which women must be accompanied by armed men to deter or ward off savage foreigners that they allowed in as a part of Liberal policies. Equality erodes the integrity of tradition, Our borders, And nation. Equality has given politicians a way to ignore real world problems such as infrastructure and immigration and push for more gender identity politics, Forever dooming our society.

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