Equality between genders: Is equality between genders an important and achievable goal?

  • I'm not sure we quite understand what gender equality is

    Many people who stated "no" seem to be a little confused about what is gender equality. Gender equality is not females and males boxing or something against each other, it would be a female getting paid the same amount as a male. Just because we are different doesn't mean we should be downgraded or lessened for it. Everyone is different. That is like stating guys with lots of muscles are more capable of doing maths than a guy without as much muscle. If anyone works hard for something, they can do it. Doesn't matter about gender.

  • Yes and yes!

    Gender equality is getting closer to being achieved but has not yet reached that point. I think that equality between genders is a very important goal. I also think that it is achievable, but it is going to take cooperation. Not just between men and women, but between women and women.

  • Equality between genders is an important and achievable goal.

    Equality in a free society is a laudable goal. We should all strive to eradicate prejudice and discrimination in all its forms, especial sexism. People should all work together to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities and rights as everyon else, and that everyone is treated the same.

  • Yes very important

    Equality among genders is a very important goal because it is the way life should be. Unfortunately 100% equality is likely never going to be possible because we are human and make errors. Until eveyone is blind and can't see gender gender equality is never going to fully exist in the world.

  • Equality Between Genders Possible

    Without a doubt, equality between both genders is important and possible. We need to stop allowing bigotry and misogynistic views against women though. Both genders should already be considered equal, but this isn't the case in the real world. With that in mind, more needs to be done to fix this wrong.

  • Yes, equality between the genders is important and achievable.

    Social inequality experts postulate that Western notions of "traditional" assignment of gender roles began with child-rearing in pre-industrial times. The mother of the child needed to be at home in order to breastfeed the child. The father, instead, did things outside the home. The introduction of farming created a stable food supply, and the father then was able to begin to amass wealth and property. The mother, meanwhile, was still in the home, and her work brought in no money. It is this income disparity that is the root of gender inequality issues. Though we are well past the day that this was our only option for dividing labor, old habits and old thinking die hard.

  • Genders are meant to be different

    Id get why people are making a big deal from gender equality.....Its always been an issue I notices.Men and wemon are not equal they have never been equal ever since the beginning of the earth men would hunt beacause they had more muscle streanth and mental streanth while wemon were better at producing and taking care of kids because they have more hips and the body for producing and they have the brain to and emotionality to do that. So if this has been going on for billions of years.....What makes it so different now and why do u wanna change it. Inequality between genders is not BAD. Most people take is as an issue because they take it offesivley. Sometimes having to do with the bible. I'm Christan and in the bible wemon arnt equal to men. But we are still allowed to get a job be a teacher and etc.... It just tells us to obey our husbands. Not have authority over man in marriage. Spiritually and both. What's so bad about doing that??? Nothing. Men have to respect us as we'll and love us in the bible so it goes each way. It doesn't only tell u this in the bible. Some religions may vary👍 but for those of u who arnt Christan.....Science even tells u genders arnt equal including the body the mind etc, history tells u genders arnt equal by studying ancient bodies etc, archeology tells u, old fossils of human evolution tells u as well for those who believe in evolution. ALOT of proof out there. We are not meant to be equal. But we are meant to be treated farily.

  • Males and females can never be equal.

    If one day the genders are equal, it would be disastrous. For example, take a queue outside a shop, the ideals of civilized people would have the men make way for the women to let them go forward and spare them the unpleasantness of standing in a line. But as the genders are now equal no one would mind to do that and the women would face several problems. Although this is prevalent in just some under-developed or developing countries there would still be other problems. If the genders are proved to be equal, can a man and woman fight a boxing match against each other? No, not at all. Women may get all the rights in the world but they can not be made equal to men. Both the genders are better in their own way. Equality between them would be outrageous. Protecting the dignity of women and their rights is not gender equality, it is just providing them with what they deserve. The genders may have equal rights, equal wants, equal facilities but the genders were never equal and will never be.

  • Why would anyone want it?

    Men and women are different from each other. They have different body parts. Women can carry a child for 9 months and give birth while a man cannot. Without changing nature, how can you possible make these two genders equal? They are not equal and people need to quit trying to do the impossible.

  • The sexes are not the same.

    Women and men are different. The Bible tells us we are different. Our bodies tell us we are different. Many books have been written about these differences. There cannot be complete equality when there are such differences. With that being said, both genders should be treated kindly. Neither should be discriminated against. Differences are a good respectable thing. It is wrong to try to make them the same.

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