Equality, Justice, And a respect for (human)rights are not features of the economic system of the USA. True or False?

  • Rich and poor gap

    When more power is being received in the American economic system, Rights such as equality, Justice and human respect are forgotten. Look at huge multinational companies which benefit from their power in providing wages and working hours. Human rights are there to be respected, But in the economic system of the USA this is not being applied.

  • Not when people are dying due to lack of healthcare.

    In America, The poverty gap is growing, And people are dying due to hunger, And lack of healthcare. That is not the Christian ideals, I signed up for, And I disrespect anyone that claims to be Christian, And values money over people. Jesus said what ye do unto the least of these, Ye do unto Him.

  • America's equality system is the BEST.

    The economic system of the USA and the equality of everyone is very accurate and makes for a great system that helps everyone. The rich and poor gap is stupid. The poor in the US live a lot better than other countries and changing it is stupid. The gap isn't that big.
    "The 1% fluctuates. I have been in the 1%, I have been out of the 1%. People at the 1% don't always stay at the top. " -Ben Shapiro

  • Equal by law.

    No matter you wealth or lack of it, Your entitled to be treated the same. If anything, Wealthy people are more pursued. Look at the lawsuits that target wealthy companies that would not happen otherwise. Filing a law suit tends to depend on how wealthy the target is. Slipping on the sidewalk on your neighbors property is at best going to have their home owners insurance pay for medical bills but you slip on the sidewalk of a major retailer, That's when they sue the retailer for tons of money. Same thing with tax investigations. The more you make, The more likely the IRS will audit you. I think it's about jealousy. You have more money so you must have broken the law to get it.

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PerunVeles says2019-05-15T13:10:08.270
The mentioned features aren't part of any economic system but rather the legal one. Economic systems don't have anything to do with human rights. . . . . . Poor question

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