Eric Decker signs five-year deal for $36.25 million with $15 million in guarantees with NY Jets: Are athletes overpaid?

  • Absolutely and we as a society should be ashamed

    Society rewards professional athletes disproportionately to their work. But we human beings worship the ground they walk on as a form of wish fulfillment. We see ourselves as them and when they succeed we feel as if we succeed. It's tragic that scientific developments and advancement of human society and being held back in favor of watching others play a game.

  • Athletes are over paid but who's fault is that?

    It is all our faults because we care more about sports than our own laborers. We can't even raise the minimum wage for nearly 47 million Americans who are living in poverty. Yet, athletes can get 10's of million dollar raises when their contract ends. I love sports, but just think the amount they get paid is ridiculous. It would be nice if Americans respected their neighbors job as much as the over paid athletes job.

  • Athletes are overpaid

    Many athletes are grossly overpaid. Eric Decker's recent contract for $36.25 million with the $15 million in guarantees in an example of this craziness. The athletes work very hard to train to be the best in their field, but the payment just doesn't match the effort put forth. That money could be put to much better use.

  • Yes They Are

    It doesn't matter what example you use, athletes are overpaid, and that is a well known fact. As a person who lives in poverty everyday, I can't even fathom what it would be like dealing with one million dollars, much less fifty one or more. I understand there's a risk in sports and athletes deserve fair pay, but I think that wage goes far above and beyond reason. No one person should have that much money, there's no need for it.

  • They risk their lives.

    No, Eric Decker signing a five-year deal for $36.25 million is not proof that athletes are over paid, because not only do they have to be highly accomplished, but they also have to risk their lives. Football players have a high rate of injury and concussion. They should be compensated for hurting themselves.

  • Paid what they can sell

    Professional athletes are effectively entertainers just like George Clooney or Rihanna. They make what they can sell. Rihanna can sell out concerts in 70 cities, and she's paid well for it. Eric Decker is one of 1600 people who allow CBS to sell a 30 second Super Bowl commercial for 4 million dollars, and he's paid well because of it. It's just business.

  • They work hard too

    People always argue that they put in work day and night and get paid only $40,000 a year and athletes get paid millions for playing a game. The truth is, if being a professional athlete is easy, everyone would do it. They get paid that much because they are the best players in the world and have some serious talent. For most athletes, being a football, or basketball, or baseball player is their life's work and for very few of them it pays off.

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