Eric Garner: Should the Justice Department conduct federal investigations of police officers who were not indicted by a grand jury?

  • Police brutality is a problem

    It's not only Eric Garner. The latest report issued by the Department of Justice found that the Cleveland police (responsible for shooting and killing 12 year old Tamir Rice) had a history of violence, such as beating up a 13 year old suspect, accidentally shooting a person in the chest (how does that even happen?!), shady reports unchecked by supervisors, pepper-spraying a mentally ill person in the face, tasing a person who just had a few seizures (brilliant display of medical knowledge there), etc. It's getting way too ridiculous.

    The police is here to protect. They, like all others, should be subject to law. The police should be disciplined and this has to stop.

    The Justice Department needs to conduit federal investigations to kick the bad sheep out of the flock. It's the only way to clear up the messy police force.

  • The Justice Department needs to gt involved with the Eric Garner case

    The Justice Department is promising a full investigation of the death of Eric Garner. As the video tape clearly shows, the man was taken down by police who were upset he was selling cigarettes and ultimately he died. Unfortunately for Garner's family, there was no justice from the grand jury looking over the case, but the Justice Department needs to look again to see if any Federal laws were violated.

  • The Justice Department should conduct a federal investigation of police officer Daniel Pantaleo.

    The case involving police officer Daniel Pantaleo should definitely be subjected to more investigation. The video evidence is hard to dispute. This along with the fact that the Staten Island District Attorney did not ask the Eric Garner grand jury to consider reckless endangerment charges against the NYPD officer leaves some very serious doubt as to whether or not the right decision was reached.

  • Yes, I think they should.

    Yes, I think that the Justice Department should conduct federal investigations of police officers who were not indicted by a grand jury because what is going on lately in america with white officers shooting black people for no reason is ridiculous and it needs to be stopped. Not one person should be getting away with it.

  • Garner should investigate.

    In the last half of 2014, we have seen an information explosion concerning police homicide and the American people are disgusted with what we are finding out. Under-trained police killing civilians without probable cause has to stop. If departments don't have the power to carry out internal investigations on a local level, the Justice Department should step in and get to the bottom of this before it gets even more out of hand.

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