Erin Andrews joins Dancing with the Stars: Will Erin Andrews revive sinking ratings for Dancing with the Stars?

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  • No, I don't think she's enough to save it.

    I don't believe she has a large enough of a following to save the show. She was never really all that famous to begin with and even less so in the last couple of years. They would need an actual high profile celebrity to be on the show to get more viewers and she just doesn't have the fans.

  • No, Erin Andrews won't revive ratings.

    I don't think that Dancing with the Star really needs a co-host, and that they should do away with it altogether. When the show first started, there was no co-host, and Tom Bergeron handled things well by himself. Brooke Burke-Charvet seemed like a superfluous person on the show, and Erin Andrews is merely taking her place. Instead of replacing her, they should have looked back at the original model that worked.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I've watched a mere few episodes of Dancing with the Stars since it started. I do not believe Erin Andrews will revive the sinking ratings. The show is boring and enlists the talent of B, C, and D list actors. I don't even know who Erin Andrews is, why would I tune in to watch her dance.

  • Never heard of her.

    No, Erin Andrews will not revive sinking ratings for Dancing with the Stars, because I have not ever heard of her. In order to make me want to tune in, I want to see someone that I have heard of before. I am looking forward to watching the gold-medal-winning ice dancers, thought.

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