ESPN Overloaded During World Cup: Is soccer more popular in the United States than it used to be?

  • As the World turns

    Yes soccer has become more popular in the United States. It is starting to peak the interest of more people than it probably did before. Our culture is consistently changing so its no surprise that this is taking place. Many people change what they like all the time. In this case the sports are the same way as children grow up they change the way that people look at things and they develop their own hobbies. Soccer is popular and seems to be on that list and as part of this generation that is what is so called "in" these days.

  • ESPN can't even handle it.

    The fact that so many people tried to tune into ESPN that their server crashed during the World Cup, is a sign that soccer is more popular in the United States than it used to be. People in the United States are more interested in international affairs these days. That includes sporting events, like the World Cup.

  • Yes, soccer is becoming more popular.

    The World Cup does seem to be becoming more popular in the United States. That being said, one might worry that the popularity is based on controversy. Most of what I have seen about soccer is about how players pretend to be hurt and put on theatrics. Another story was about how a player had bitten another player. We are seeming to get caught up in the antics more than in the game.

  • Immigration has risen

    I believe that soccer is more popular in the United States than it has been for a while for one simple fact: immigration. There are more Latino people living in the United States currently, and that demographic has traditionally been a big demographic for soccer. For this reason I believe soccer is more popular than ever.

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