ESPN's Rat Bracket: Should We All Pick Our Brackets That Way?

  • We all should pick our brackets by the Rat Bracket.

    We all should pick our brackets by the Rat Bracket. Many people think that its the best out there so far. I think it rates highly in the charts because their is nothing like it. I think the rat bracket could be around to stay for awhile and it is less confusing.

  • It's like lottery tickets.

    No, we should not all use ESPN's Rat Bracket, because it is like buying a lottery ticket. People have all kinds of reasons for choosing the brackets that they choose. People want to pick teams that they like, others want to evaluate statistics. There is no way any person is right or wrong completely, so you might as well use whatever strategy works for you.

  • Cruelty in the ESPN's rat bracket

    One of the most juiciest tournaments is that of the NCAA. Bracket are filled out or fun featuring 68 teams, which can cause problems in ensuring all games are correct. The latest craze created by ESPN is a rat bracket maze. Although it is popular, the rat bracket is not the way that humankind should pick its brackets.

  • No, there are better ways to pick a NCAA Bracket

    I like ESPN's Rat Bracket but the same effect could theoretically be produced by putting all of the teams in a hat and drawing them one at a time. There are more reliable ways to pick a NCAA Bracket; statistics for example. The fact that the rats are doing well this year optimizes the lucky guess.

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