Esports are not sports. They should be labelled something else.

Asked by: deadmojo
  • They're not and never will.

    Google the word "sports" and look what it says, "An activity that requires PHYSICAL work". Esports don't involve physical work and this is not to stereotype gamers, I am a gamer and a sports lover. But you can't label CoD or LoL as sports were the only body part that is moving is your thumbs. I rather play games than watch someone else doing it. Playing games aren't hard compared to sports, it is easy to play a game and all you have to do is spend hours shooting digital ppl or click buttons over and over again and that is easy. Playing Football (American) or Hockey requires much more expertise, you have to work your butt off to excell with little free time and you have to be really smart and athletic to play against other athletes who are equal match against you. "Esports" can be something else, they can be professional entertainment but labelled as sports, no just no.

  • No minimum of "physical exertion" required in order to qualify as a sport

    Simply because when we think of "sports" we think of the most popular: football, baseball, basketball, futbol, volleyball, etc. But the word sport is defined as "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." This means that the game needs to involve physical exertion and skill as well as competition. There is no minimum requirement for level of physical exertion, nor skill. Therefore, although eSports require much less physical exertion than many other sports, they shouldn't be categorized as something else entirely.

  • How can a video game be up to par with something like foot ball.

    There is nothing strenuous about video games. Nor do video games require much skill. People play video games because they are easy. If they weren't people would get frustrated and quit. That is what sets sports apart from video games. Sports are actually challenging. Videos are not.
    And if you seriously believe that video games take skill then you are sorely mistaken. How is moving your thumbs skill? Gamers like to boast about their reaction time but their reaction is in moving a joystick with their thumb. How is that compared to trying to return an 120 mph tennis serve? In real tennis you would literally have to lunge across a tennis court in less than half a second to return that. Now think of hockey or soccer goalies. Gamer reflexes even from professional gamers are laughable compared to real sport reflexes.
    Esports are a sissy version of real sports.

  • Follows the definition of "Sport"

    The definition of sport is: "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment". Gaming does require some physical activity in pressing buttons and such, does require skill, and finally requires teamwork especially under the pressures of a competitive environment. I don't know why it shouldn't, when other sports that require less physical activity is considered a sport. Examples include billiards and bowling.

  • Gaming is an esport

    Gaming is physically exerting and requires extreme focus. Sports like bowling for example require almost no physical exertion at all. Gaming also requires focus and requires that you are smart. I i i i ii i i ii i i i ii i i i i ii i i k

  • They are sports!

    Esports require physical exertion and require focus and other mental and physical capabilities. I have made my point so I will end here. I i i i i i i i ii i i i ii i i ii i ii i i ii i ii i i i k

  • Poker is a sport

    E sports should be considered a sport for the same reason that poker is considered a sport it is a highly skillful task that requires a high level of skill and mental strength. Also e sports is recognized as a sport by by the government when it comes to applying for a temporary visa for competition

  • I am in the middle

    Should golf be considered a sport? Snooker? Bowling? These "sports" all require a minimal amount of exertion at best. What makes them a sport is the skill and training required. This is true of eSports as well. For example, look at CS:GO. The skill of "flick shots" is based on muscle memory. Seems physical enough to me. The fact is that it is not black and white - there is a "grey area" in between.

  • Just because they aren't moving their entire body doesn't mean it isn't a sport.

    For anyone who is a HUGE gamer (or an artist if you're like me) we know how much you have to exert your hands. Fun fact, hands have muscles which can be worked out and can get cramps. I've seen bits of people talking about competitive gaming and I really do think that they work and strategize just as much as any football team or soccer team.
    Also it really isn't as easy as people think to be really good at a game. (Again I have to connect this to art because I am not much of a gamer) Whenever I hear someone say "anyone can draw! It isn't that hard" that person is stupid. You think you can make the Mona Lisa? Try it, lets see how far you get yourself. Same thing with gaming.
    If you think it is THAT easy then prove it. Otherwise shut your trap and leave Esports alone. (Also art isn't a sport because people don't do it competitively like regular sports or Esports.)

  • Def a Sport

    The way sports are defined these days , will automatically put it in that category. Shot put, skeet shooting, etc all require the same focus as gaming and about the same amount of physical exertion. All together, it challenges your mind and tests your hand eye coordination. It def is a sport

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