• Esports are sports.

    Esports are sports. They require much practice and are typically played by means of competing teams. Sports require skill and practice and result in a minimum of two teams competing against eachother. Esports clearly meets this definition. Many definitions of sports may vary, However, I believe it to be clear that esports fill the general necessities needed to be subject as a sport.

  • To couch potatoes and basement dwellers maybe. . . .

    And you wonder why there is an obesity/intelligence problem in the country. . . . . Skill to use a keyboard or controller wow! Special chairs, Giant screens, Head pieces (so they feel like real pilots/soldiers). . . Hardest thing is making it the refrigerator or throwing out the trash when mother yells for them, Really gets the heart pumping.

  • E-sports are not sports

    Sports are physical athletic activities, E-sports like nascar are competitive entertainment but they are not sports.

    This is the part where i just throw a bunch of words together because i made my point simply and succinctly but there is a minimum word count requirement i have to fill in order to post.

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