Ethiopia blocks social media: Should governments be allowed to censor the Internet?

  • Not every country is democratic

    Yes, the government of Ethiopia and other countries should be allowed to censor the internet. Not all countries are democratic and while many of us in democratic nations find this type of censorship to be wrong, we have to respect the governmental and social norms of other countries. Perhaps a better solution would be to help citizens of these countries to demand democracy.

  • Government should be allowed to censor the Internet

    The internet is a dangerous place in the world today with many terrorist attacks and other corrupt activities occurring on the internet. Therefore censoring the internet is a very smart thing to do for countries. Just like everything in a country it should be able to be censored. The internet is no different and is a dangerous place.

  • Big red flag for a government

    This is a huge red flag for government control. Social media specifically makes one think that they want to keep their citizens from getting ideas from the "outside world" which is scary, but even on a smaller scale it gives a government more control than they should have over their people. For example, there are some Asian countries that block certain things that appear to keep crime down, such as pornography, etc, and that doesn't seem to hurt anyone... I mean who really *needs* porn, right? But that could open doors to more controlling actions in the future.

  • No; there is no place for government censorship of the Internet

    While the logic behind the social media ban - eliminating distractions so students perform better on exams - it infringes on the individual rights, while also punishing non-students. Additionally, the power-hungry government's plan is not foolproof; users can still access social media sites through virtual private networks (VPN's) that mask their location.

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