Ethiopian arrested for unmarried motherhood: Should sex outside of marriage be a crime?

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  • Why should it be classed as crime?

    My argument is not based on law, just general knowledge. I once saw a Tv Show where it said, 'Scientific studies show that a couple is more likely to divorce if they haven't had intercourse before marriage' I do agree with this statement because some people might think they're happy with who they're with but once they're both in bed their thoughts change. People should have a choice. And also if there happens to be a law about sex before marriage, it is gonna get broken very quickly (by loads)

  • It's not a criminal matter.

    Theological impositions on the lives on civilians should not be allowed to continue in the twenty first century. There is no reason why the state should be able to impose harsh criminal penalties on individuals for making sexual choices in their private lives that cause no harm to other people.

  • No, sex outside of marriage should not be treated as a crime.

    No, sex outside of marriage should not be treated as a crime. The job of a government is to protect and serve their people, not to place restrictions on personal matters such as sex. Sex should be seen as a natural human function and should not be restricted by the government.

  • People should have a choice.

    There are some religions that say that sex outside of marriage is bad. But religions are not law. Each person should be free to decide what they want to do with their life. There are some schools of thought that say that an adult person should be free to have sex whenever and with whomever they choose, without society telling them what to do.

  • No, it should not be a crime.

    Sex outside of marriage should not be a crime. However, governments like the United States should not be subsidizing parenthood for low income people either. Adults have the right to make decisions regarding their lives, however, they should be able to pay for those decisions too. Its not right to punish consenting adults for their actions; just like its not right for irresponsible adults to expect others to foot their bill.

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