EU constitution reform treaty (Lisbon Treaty): Are the tactics used by the various camps appropriate?

  • Yes, the original Constitution was weak.

    Yes, the EU Lisbon Treaty for Constitutional reform was appropriate. The different camps used appropriate tactics, and there were votes and periods of reflection before approving the final treaty. The Constitutional revisions were appropriate, because as it was written, the EU was very weak and had trouble with effectiveness. Also, requiring unanimous voting posed a problem because it allowed any member state to hold out for more power. With so many states in the union today, this new Constitution is more practical.

  • EU Constitution needs more oversight and citizen initiative

    The EU Constitution needs to be written by the citizens, not bureaucrats. The EU Constitution needs to be more democratic and more responsive to the wills of the people, and it needs to engender more social justice and responsibility. The only way this can happen if it is opened up to the citizens.

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