EU constitution reform treaty (Lisbon Treaty): Does Lisbon strengthen the EU on the environment?

  • Lisbon better reinforces EU sustainable development

    The Treaty of Lisbon states that one of the Union’s objectives is to work for the sustainable development of Europe based, in particular, on a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the environment. Although the idea of sustainable development was included in the existing treaties, the Treaty of Lisbon will reinforce and better define this objective. Sustainable development is also affirmed as one of the fundamental objectives of the Union in its relations with the wider world.

  • No, Lisbon does not strengten the EU on the environment.

    I think the Lisbon Treaty has good intentions for the environment. Their are to many cooks in the kitchen for it to work in the real world. You can't expect every country in the European Union to act properly at all times in relation to this treaty especially if their is a financial advantage to not following it.

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