EU drops law to limit cancer-linked chemical in food after industry complaint. Do companies wield too much power?

  • Yes, particularly in the food industry.

    Large multi-national corporations in the food industry such as Monsanto wield an enormous amount of influence over democratically elected governments, often with an adverse effect on the health of the countries where they operate. Not only do they jeopardise health but they do very little to contribute to the finances of their host countries through tax avoidance, which they get away with because of their undue influence.

  • Companies have too much power over law-makers

    Companies that can lobby and have important laws changed are exercising too much power. When something is proven to cause cancer and law-makers are working to reduce that substance in the food of consumers, companies should not be able to step in and prevent a law like this. The only motivation for preventing this law is profit for the companies. It's a shame that money is so much more important than the health of consumers.

  • Yes, cash is king

    Major corporations that have billions of dollars to throw around, seem to have far too much power in the legal world. There should have been no reason a law like this gets dropped unless it is going to be replaced by a new proposed law. The problem is that the corporation probably would have had to spend more money and they just didn't want to deal with that loss.

  • Yes, companies wield too much power especially when they put profits above safety.

    Yes, this case is just one of many examples showing that companies wield far too much power. When businesses put profits over consumer safety, we're all in trouble. This is why regulations are in place -- to protect us. We should not be purchasing or consuming products that could cause cancer.

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